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The Telescope NerdHi, My name is Will and I am the owner of this website. I created this website because I love telescopes and Astronomy. It goes all the way back to my early teen years when I got my first telescope as a present. It was a small four inch reflector. Since then I have been involved in a lot of different telescope stuff including the making of them. I have spent countless hours under then night sky just in awe of how amazing our universe is. I hope that I can be of help in your quest to learn about the wonders of the night sky.


The first telescope I made

Here is a picture of me as a teen with the first telescope I made. It was a 4 1/4 inch reflector.



See It with a Small Telescope: 101 Cosmic Wonders Including Planets, Moons, Comets, Galaxies, Nebulae, Star Clusters and More

A Note from Will:

This book was a work of joy for me. I have loved telescopes and astronomy for my whole life since I received my very first small telescope as a teenager. With this book I hope to share that passion and enthusiasm with you. There are lots of wonderful things to see in the night sky and in this book I show you 101 of them!


It doesn't take an astronomy degree to feel like an astronaut and explore space with a small telescope. See It with a Small Telescope takes the mystery and struggle out of exploring the unknown and discovering new worlds! With hands-on tips and tricks, this book offers a complete guide to unleashing the full power of a small telescope and going beyond the basics.

Without technical jargon and complicated star charts, this book offers step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use illustrations for finding over 100 celestial objects in the night's sky, including:

  • Saturn's Rings
  • Jupiter's Moons
  • The Orion Nebula
  • The Andromeda Galaxy
  • Polaris Double Star
  • Pegasus Globular Cluster
  • Apollo 11 Site
  • and more...

Available on Amazon.com right here

Thanks for visiting my website! If you are an amateur astronomer you will enjoy my book. No doubt you have viewed many of the 101 things it contains. But there might be a few that you haven't yet observed. A good example of this is the Christmas Tree Cluster (NGC 2264) which is a wonderful nebula/star cluster combination that is for some reason often overlooked by amateur astronomers.

If you are very new to telescopes and astronomy this book will help you get started. Show you how to use your telescope, give you exact directions on how to find various objects in the sky and even show you easy ways to use your camera to take photographs of celestial objects.

Will - aka The Telescope Nerd



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