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The Celestron 14Many years ago, when I first started using and appreciating telescopes I had my dream telescope all picked out. It was the Celestron 14 -a massive telescope that would help me reach into the deepest parts of our universe.

I was just a kid and I never did get one but I did put it on my list. Well, it's been many years since then and it's still on my list! hmm. amazing how the time flies.

If you want to learn more about this classic telescope here is nice little webpage: Celestron Memories - This site has some great nostalgic thoughts and some pictures inside the celestron factory from those days!! wow.

I will occasionally see one on ebay but not very often. The eight inch models are much more popular. Anyhoo, The celestron 14 is of course no longer in production and the upgraded version is the CGE Series 1400.



The New Celestron 14

Its an absolutely magnificent instrument and it really amazes me how the computer has changed the whole world. This scope has A computerized database of over 40,000 objects and the abillity to go automatically to any object in the sky at the push of a few buttons.

I have done some quick pricing on this telescope and it lists at around 12k but it seems to be selling around 6k. Kind of nice but still out of my reach.





I did end up getting a 6" newtonian reflector with a motorized equatorial mount and that telescope gave me many, many hours of observing joy. This is a thumbnail of a sketch of some planets from way back when. I stumbled across this and other drawings that I made when I was going through some old copies of astronomy magazine. You can see a bigger version of this sketch here. It is of Jupiter and Saturn and I am currently putting together a fun page of more drawings.















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