Show us your Home Made Telescopes!

Send in pics and information about your home made telescope!

I will be starting a series of tutorials on how to make a telescope. I have some of the parts already including 8" and 41/4" primary mirrors. Now I just need to make the time to do the projects and create some nice tutorials. And on this page I would like to post pictures and information about telescopes people have made. So, if you have made a telescope send me some pics and information. I will post it here! THanks Contact me here:

My 4 1/4 inch newtonian reflector telescope is done. Yay! You can see that project here. It includes a full tutorial with videos.: How to make a Newtonian Reflector Telescope






Here are three pictures of a telescope made by Isabelle and Anna who are students at a school in Sweden. They did this as a school project and they followed my tutorial on how to make a small telescope. Nice work! And my thanks go to them for sharing the pictures with us!










Here is a picture of Norman Butler with his 10" f4 Dob Buster. This is a specially designed telescope based on the classic Dob. But Norman did a lot of amazing modifications to this including the enhanced height, the bowling ball counterweight and more. This telescope build was completed in 2010 and was showcased in Astronony magazine and Sky & Telescope!








Steve's 8 inch dobsonian telescope. Great telescope and he gives us a good look at the mirror mount assembly he made for this.







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