A Trip to the ASSNE (Astronomical Society of Southern New England)

A vibrant astronomy club with a whole lot of telescopes and a particular interest in astrophotography

They hold monthly meetings at the Carpenter Museum in Rehoboth Massachusetts which includes a building and a nice field for setting up the telescopes. And the night sky at this location is pretty dark because it is not very close to any cities or towns.

They hold observation events on the second saturday of each month and it is open to the public. I got lucky on the night that I went because the skies were pretty clear and the weather was warm. And I was really pleased by what I saw. There was approximately 20 telescopes set up in the field and there was a wonderful range of scopes including some dobs, and beautiful 10" newtonian, and a gorgeous 10" Meade. And much to my surprise there was a fantastic 5" short tube refractor.

Inside the building they had a series of seminars and presentations throughout the night. These varied but for the most part were all about observation and photography for beginner. They also had some free giveouts including starwheels and software packages.

I of course enjoyed looking at (and through) all the various telescopes but I probably most enjoyed all the various conversations. It was typical stuff like: What is better? Meade or Celestron? And there were lots of conversations about how to take astrophotos. It was a fun evening and this club definitely has a slant toward astrophotography which is something I haven't done much of but will be doing very soon.!

If you want to learn more about the club check out their website here: ASSNE

PS. I took a bunch of pictures but they are all too dark! I sure as heck wasn't going to use the flash and ruin everybodys night vision!!


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