Trips to Observatories and Astronomy Clubs

These are part of my bucket list!

Things have opened up in my life in the past few years and I have made a conscious effort to visit as many observatories, telescope clubs and events as I possibly can. So here is the list and you might want to check back occasionally because I do update this page.

A return to Seagrave Memorial Observatory and the Skyscrapers astronomy club. They have an 8 inch Alvan Clark, a 12 " Meade and a whopping 16" Meade. Viewing was great. It was a terrific evening.

Stellafane - This is the ultimate telescope makers convention, held in Vermont every year. I finally made the trek up there and had a whole lot of fun, took a whole lot of pictures.

Ladd Observatory in Providence, RI - Wonderful observatory that is part of Brown University's physics department. They have a gorgeous 12 inch refractor telescope that is 100 years old.

ASSNE - Astronomical Society of Southern New England - This is a vibrant community of amateur astronomers and they have a real interest in astrophotography. They meet at the Carpenter Museum in Rehoboth, MA and I attended their open viewing night which occurs once a month.

Seagrave Memorial Observatory (Scituate, RI) - Gorgeous observing grounds with several very nice telescopes


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