Seagrave Memorial Observatory - North Scituate RI

More of this story coming

Alvan Clark Telescope

Seagrave Memorial Observatory is a grounds located in North Scituate Rhode Island. They have a really nice area under dark skies with several buildings. It is an active astronomy group with about 100 members.

They generally have open to the public viewings on saturday nights beginning at 9pm. If the weather permits.

I took a drive out on a saturday night but the skies were overcast. Took the shot anyway. I was anxious to get a look. I got lucky and one of the club officers showed up. He let me in and we got a look at the gorgeous Alvan Clark refractor (shown at left). Very nice telescope and a beautiful shade of red.

Anyhoo, I will be going back and I will post more info and pictures. They have several gorgeous telescopes on the grounds including a 16" scope and a 12" Meade. You can check out their website for more info





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