The Slooh Telescope and all about Slooh Missions

The Slooh Telescope project is a company that sells wonderful packages that allow you to take control of a variety of telescopes located on earth. These telescopes are in various locations like Chile, the Canary Islands, and Australia. These telescopes are robotic controlled and you access them through your computer. There are also lots of pre programmed missions to various celestial objects which makes it very easy for you to watch and observe in real time.

They have plenty of ways for you to do this for free but there are limits placed on you. For the best and most complete experience you buy time with the Slooh telescopes. This is in the form of pre-paid minute cards similar to telephone pre paid minute cards. It all works by a flash plug in for your computer.

Some of the things I really like about this:

  1. It's computer based and real time
  2. Because many of the telescopes are across the world you don't need to stay up late at night for the viewing. You can do it in the afternoon here in the states because it will be night time at the actual telescopes.
  3. It uses real, and powerful telescopes
  4. There are plenty of levels to experience. What I mean is that you can just follow along with missions that are narrated or you can actually point the telescope where you want to look.
  5. It's inexpensive
  6. It is simply an amazing learning and exploring tool
  7. There is a nice tour guide like set up called Otto. you purchase this software and it is suitable for kids ages 6-16
  8. You are doing real astronomy with a real telescope!
  9. You can take snapshots of the celestial objects you view
  10. You can actually start out for free to see what you think and then you can upgrade to paid time.
  11. This is a fun learning experience for curious children but also a serious tool for adults who love astronomy


Slooh Telescope Card Slooh Telescope 50 Minute Mission Card





Otto Slooh Space Camera with 350 Minutes, Two Workbooks and Otto

This is the complete package tailored to help kids explore the sky and use the telescopes. It is recommended for kids ages 6-16

Explore space live with Otto the night watchdog for the Milky Way Galaxy using the Slooh Worldwide Telescope Network. Includes 350 minutes of mission time, two Slooh workbooks, and hours of fun. Choose numerous missions packs focused on various categories of space. Otto will launch you into space and guide you through your mission. Snap and share recon photos of your adventure.

You can also learn More about Slooh, the telescopes and the missions on their website: Slooh.com You can also sign up to get the free time on the telescopes so you can try it and see what you think.





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