Solar Telescopes

Solar astronomy comes to the amateur

Meade has come out with an amazing line of telescopes specifically built for solar observing. These are an amazing series of instruments. You have to go to the meade site and check out some of the pictures.

Solar TelescopeMeade Personal Solar Telescope with Case Package


Product Features

  • Internal optical re-focusing mechanism provides compatibility with most conventional eyepiece lenses
  • Built in Sun finder
  • Fully multi-coated doublet
  • Telescope body does not have moving or extending parts
  • Objective threaded to take SolarMax40 and create <0.6A telescope

Technical Details

  • Brand Name : Coronado
  • Model : PSTCP

Observing the Sun with Coronado(TM) Telescopes (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)




Meade Coronado Goto Telescope Mount, 497, Milapse

THIS IS THE MOUNT SYSTEM ONLY, THE TELESCOPE IS NOT INCLUDED. Here's a really nice quality Meade single-arm Alt-Az (up-down, right-left) motorized mount. This is the Deluxe setup used in the now famous MILAPSE youtube video. Included in the package is: the mount head, the 497 hand paddle, the L bracket, compass, tripod and instructions. These are the same mounts used on the Meade DS2000 series telescopes, and for use with the Coronado PST and othersolar-viewing scopes. And this one comes with the top of the line and upgradable Meade 497 controller-- go-to and tracking capabilities for the sun and over 30,000 night sky objects! You also get continuosly variable rates for you long exposure moving Milapse videos. This will also hold a variety of small refractors and maksutov or SCT tubes. It was specifically made for the solar scopes from Coronado, a Meade company. Replace your bad mount, pick up a spare, or adapt this mount to work on your telescope -- the Alt-Az mount is the simplest mount made and can be used for dozens of different scopes weighing as much as 15 pounds. Or you can get creative and adapt it for use with variety of different binoculars or telescopes -- you're only limited by your imagination and skill! Easily adapted to smaller telescopes, cameras , and binoculars by using any type of spacers or home-made adapters. No counter-weights required! This unit comes complete with the adjustable aluminum tripod, aluminum L bracket, compass/level, accessory tray and Meade 497 controller, which AUTOMATICALLY FINDS (after proper setup) and tracks over 30,000 night sky objects!. Or, it mounts flat to any surface with the supplied single "bolt" that threads directly into the center of the base. The possibilities with this set-up are endless and only limited to your imagination -- mount it to bannister rails, picnic tables, adapters from car windows, pick-up truck beds, just about anything you can dream up!

Solarscope Wooden Edition, Solarscope Wooden Solarscope Solar Observing Device

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned astronomer, you can use Solarscope to safely observe the Sun and its entire phenomena such as eclipses, sun spots, occultation and transits. In addition, you can easily measure the solar day, solar noon, the Sun's rotation rate, Earth's orbit ellipticity, latitude of a place, pole axis inclination and more! You can assemble the Solarscope in less than 5 minutes, and it's very easy to adjust. It's all-glass optics and ABS plastic and aluminum mechanical mounts provide years of worry-free operation--and it's safe on your eyes. The Solarscope Wooden Edition measures 600 x 450 x 380 mm and weighs 1,000g

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