The Parts of a Reflector Telescope


Here is an explanation of the various parts of a reflector telescope. There are variations in types of reflector scopes but for the most part they are very similar. (This tutorial is also in a video at the bottom of the page).









  • 1- The Tube assembly: This is the long white part and it holds the mirror, the secondary mirror, the eyepiece and holder. It is the whole optic system.
  • 2- The Mount assembly: This is the whole assembly that supports and moves the telescope tube.
  • 3- The eyepiece assembly: There is a knob for focusing and a sleeve that you can insert various sized eyepieces in.
  • 4- Hidden inside the tube at this end is the primary mirror that gathers all the light and reflects it back up toward the eyepiece
  • 5 - The counterweight: This is a heavy weight (black) that can be slid up and down on the silver bar to balance out the telescope and make it very easy to maneuver.
  • 6- The Motor: Not all reflector telescopes have this but it is a motor that turns the telescope (It's the big black object). The motor rotates 1 complete revolution every 24 hours and what this does is allow you to point the telescope at an object and then with the motor on it will automatically follow the object across the sky.



A Finderscope

One further thing that most reflector telescopes have is a finderscope. This is a smaller scope that rides on the main tube. You use it to help you find objects in the sky. You can't see the finderscope in the top picture because the tube is rotated and it is out of sight.





A Video showing the Parts of A Reflector Telescope


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